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2017-10-05T10:40:28-05:00 en-US Oct 05, 2017

Normally, when clinking glasses of delicious beer together at a celebration, the celebrants let
out a hearty “Cheers!” At the 3rd Annual October Feast at Peddler’s Village, taking place
Saturday October 14 and Sunday October 15, however, you may want to try the German
equivalent, “Prost!” There will be plenty of reasons and opportunities to do just that throughout
the weekend. Free Will Brewing will be featured at the Beer Garden Tent and will offer German
inspired beers like PV Fest, a Marzen-Style Amber Lager, Cripser Kolsch, and the classic Pilsner.
Now that the drinks have been covered, you might be wondering what foods to pair them with.
Well, the Cock ‘n Bull Restaurant has you covered with German inspired cuisine like bratwurst
and sauerkraut, currywurst, brat-dogs on pretzel roles, potato pancakes, and of course
traditional frankfurters. The Philadelphia German Brass Band will close out the festival with a
concert on Sunday afternoon filled with upbeat polkas, waltzes, and dance music. Prost!

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